Healthy farm holidays

Earth offers many good and precious natural resources and we are proud to refine those with dedication. The mild climate of South Tyrol spoils us with with 300 sunny days.
The fruit, vegetables and the delicious berries get a unique taste nourished from sun and the wind-protected location of the Gemangerhof.

You are welcome to taste the special flavour of our farm products: there's fresh milk, house-made butter, fresh yogurt, cheese, eggs, jams, fruit juices and many more.
A herb garden has been created especially for our guests. Depending on sour needs sour can simply get fresh herbs there.

Farm breakfast

On request we are happy to offer a nice breakfast with our fresh home-made products such as milk, eggs, jam, yoghurt, tea and fruit juices. Furthermore, of course, fresh bread from our baker, cheese, bacon, sausage, muesli, honey and butter. Bread service is also possible.
Price: € 10.00 to € 25.00.